Who we are

In light of recent events, mandates and regional laws, Canadians have lost freedoms without the due process required for justification. This has fundamentally changed the way we live. This collective tension, uncertainty, and pressure is causing confusion and conflicting encounters between our police services and the citizens they serve. We believe in the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens pursuant to the Canadian Constitution Supremacy Clause 52(1).

We are human beings serving and protecting other human beings

Police For Freedom Canada aims to improve overall societal well-being in these difficult times – both for citizens and members of our Police, Fire, and EMS services.

The objective of the peaceful marches, events, campaigns, and content supported by Police For Freedom is to educate regarding human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rights as well as the ethical code of conduct relative to Emergency Services.
We are colleagues from different professional backgrounds in Emergency Services both retired and active duty with a desire to continue to carry out our work based on our personal and professional ethical and moral values.
We call out for common sense and professional ethics.